Our Satisfied Customers

Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying about Falcone Creative Design.

Thanks Lynda. I need to tell you that I was just remarking to a few people about how glad I am that we entered into an agreement for you to oversee our website. Not only have you relieved my stress level by about a million, but you are always on top of things, even before they enter my radar! It’s the best decision that we ever made!!! Thank you for all you do to assist us.
—Executive Director, Non-profit

I think of you every day. Everyone loves my logo and business card. Almost every student breaks out in a big grin when they see it!
— Local Tutor

Thanks for your work — I think both of you are terrific.
— Local Lawyer

Presentation looks great and we are psyched to start selling with it. Thanks for your efforts. Truly appreciated.
— Local Entrepreneur

I just saw the proof for the syllabus and all I could say was “WOW!” You did a great job designing the book, the signage, invite and bag insert. Thanks for all you did and for putting up with all our changes. Great job!
— Group Program Director

Great response from the recipients of the newsletter. One person already sent over a referral with a reservation. This is all good.
— Business Owner

Thanks so much for making this seem easy. You’re a delight!
— Sales Rep

Thank you so much for the quick reply, you are a pleasure to work with!
— Sales Rep

Great job on the Barbados cover! … Awesome work!
— Associate Publisher

This looks terrific! Thanks to all for a great effort and quick turn-around!
— Group Publisher

Congratulations for your work on the Hirsch account! Your dedication and unwavering enthusiasm to the Hirsch account earned you an Entrepreneur award.
— National Sales Manager

Thanks Lynda, the newsletter looked great.
— Shop Owner

“I just got my copy of the PAWS calendar and wanted to say how great it looks. I think it’s the best yet!”
— Volunteer

Thanks—you did a great job!
— Marketing Manager

For your information, Ron just told me he received the “best files I have ever seen” and they were from you. That is a compliment! We get a lot of less than perfect files around here, so we both appreciate the ease of working on a job that does not require a lot of phoning and fuss! Thank you!
— Customer Rep, Turley Publications, Inc.

You are more than welcome! We hope you enjoy them immensely. We love you, and your work! And just wanted to tell you so, and wish you happy holidays.
— Group Show Director, Penton Media

You are the best!!! We love you! P.S. I heard someone else talking about how great you did an email for them.
— Marketing Manager, Gartner

Thank you for your help on this project. It has been a pleasure working with you.
— Marketing Director

Thanks for all your great follow-up; you have been very helpful to us!
— Marketing Manager

Wow, three pieces, one better than the next. I’m circulating them now and will get back to you. Thanks so much for the fast turn-over time. I just looked your submissions over a second time and I loved your work even more!
— Rabbi